Wednesday, June 17, 2015

After a year and a month

Yes. After a year and a month, i've finally had the time to update my blog and it feels great! With the heavy academic workload for my first semester as a college student in UPLB, I've had a hard time juggling everything. School really kept me preoccupied for the year, but now that i'm on my midyear break and back at home, I have the luxury to do the things I love most. I'm very excited to share with you, once again, my adventures, experiences, and memories through the various mediums I use. Thank you for staying, even for the year and a month of inactivity. It means a lot!

To start off the long list of overdue posts, here's a photo shoot that I had with Giana and Sam, friends from my high school. Not seeing each other for over a year, walking under the sun and around the village to find the best places to shoot was our kind of reunion. It was definitely worth the pain and sweat!

Congratulations to Sam for making it to UPLB! See you next semester!

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