Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wherever You Are

People say that distance ends relationships. For me, not exactly.
Those miles in between sometimes bring you closer than you've expected, or drifted you apart more than you've ever realized. The way you end up depends on both your effort and theirs. Some bring out their full effort just to keep in touch with you no matter how hard it is, but others tend to forget what and who they've left behind.

More feels talks under the cut together with more photos from my shoot with Sam the other day. 
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Why do the best people have the worst taste on who to love and who not to? They let go of the people who would most likely be the best for them and keep the ones who would make them feel crushed and broken. It's so sad to think that the best people end up treated the worst, and vice versa.
Maybe the past does affect your future. Maybe the ones bitter about love were once too soft and caring, but were shattered into a million pieces by the broken and torn.

When you’re in some relationship, whether it be with a friend, a group of people, your love or even just some random person that you’ve met in a coffee shop who shares the same interests as you, you’d feel that what you have will last, even if not forever. But once you get into that state where everything just falls apart and there’s nothing to stop you from sinking, no matter how hard you’ve prepared for that moment, it’ll still break you.

"Nobody can love truly without hate because only in hate do we find ourselves in love with that someone or something to a certain degree," a friend of mine once said to me.

It’s so complicated that when you’re in it, you think that everything is just turning out perfectly, but when they leave, you see that you should’ve done better and should’ve set your walls higher so that that one person who truly deserves you would climb that high just to reach the other side, your side. But when you’ve set your walls too high, when you shut people out because you think that they’re not really willing to reach out to you, you get disappointed for not being able to find someone that would stick with you through thick and thin.

People come and go. That part is inevitable. But when you get into a situation when the only thing that comes into your head is “I hope you stay”, you start feeling selfish, but then again you want that person to decide for him/herself because it’s not your life to control and it’s not yours to decide.
It’s not selfish to be selfish, but it’s not really right if you just become selfless and passive your whole life. Sometimes, you have to stand up and speak for something that you’re fighting for.

Dear You (whoever you might be),
I promise to be good to you. I promise to stick with you through everything; good or bad, happy or sad. I promise to be always beside you, but I'm not promising to agree with everything you say. I promise to understand you, but I won't feed you only with comforting words and words that you would want to hear. I want to be as honest as possible. I want to be true and loyal. You might be thinking that "promises are made to be broken", but these are the promises that I tend to keep for the rest of my life.
I'm sorry for the short comings that I may do and I'm sorry for not being better. I promise to grow, but I do hope that whatever I may be by the time you meet me, you will accept me for who I really am, and you will not change me only for your wants.

OBEY Beanie - Converse - Top from Forever 21
Photos taken with a CANON EOS100D and an 18-55mm kit lens. 
Blog title inspiration: Listen to Wherever You Are by 5SOS.
Other photos from the shoot are in here.
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