Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project Motion: Ignite your passion. Build a movement.

My friend and I joined "Project Motion: Ignite your passion. Build a movement." that was facilitated by the ACOMM Organization of the Ateneo De Manila University. According to their Facebook page, "Project Motion is a media literacy advocacy campaign realized through a school competition on journalism, advertising and film production open to public and private high school students in Metro Manila." We joined the advertising category with our advocacy, "MUSIC saves lives through LIFE". 
For the advertising category, all 17 entries that entered the finals were exhibited at Ateneo to be viewed by the public. Here are the photos from February 1 a.k.a exhibit/talk/awarding day.

We didn't make it to the top (and win the grand prize of P15k) but i'm still very grateful for the fact that we made it into the finals. 
This entry we made is my 3rd digital graphics project. First was my entry for the MSGSB Graphics Team and second was the TATAK MANRESA shirt that we wore in the photos above. I guess you could call this thing I do as more than just my hobby.

(Took photos of the ADMU campus | Had a photo with my great partner/one of my bestfriends/co-creator of the poster (Gia Trinidad), the other contestants of this competition and the other Manresans (Jared Rivera, Franco Santiago, Courtney Tirol, (m.i.a. Jiselle Reyes and Alyssa Mesina)) | Went to Fully Booked BGC with Gia after the awarding to kill some time before heading home.)


  1. Congrats, Lia! So happy to see that you get recognized for what you love doing. Keep at it! (And is the Robin Sloan novel a good one? I'm planning on getting a copy xx)

    1. Hi Andrea!! Thank you so much xx
      oh and I didn't buy the book but I read the first few pages of it and the story was quite interesting. Maybe you should check it out at for reviews, a preview and a gist of it ☺

  2. Hi Lia!
    You're so big na!! How time flies! :)) Looks like you had a great time in Project Motion. :D
    I stumbled upon your blog again and there goes the GFC follow button! I followed you na. :)

    1. Hi Ate YV! It's been a really long time since we saw each other last. Yes, surprisingly, I grew taller ahahaha.
      Thanks for the follow. I followed back xx :-)