Monday, August 12, 2013

mah lyf as of 10:58pm 081213 + playlist

(photo from Tumblr)

Recently, I had these fascinations for handwritten letters and handmade art and I would like to give them a try one day when my current workload decreases.

Forgive me for I have not written anything in here for the past months. Since school started, all I thought about were my college review classes every saturday, my college application forms and my upcoming CETs (1 CET down (aka UPCAT), 3 more to go.) Ohh and to top that, the quizzes and homeworks almost everyday plus the monthly tests we have at school and my other responsibilities at school and at home (plus the occassional fun stuff that my friends and I do, for example, eating, talking, laughing, band rehearsals.) 

#senioryear omg

My life right now isn't really as interesting as some of your lives are (the only thing I could think of is my new camera lens that I would probably blog about soon after I experiement with it (im trying to think of a name for it too) and that I ran 2.5km today) so to make up for my lack of shared thoughts and words, here's a 15-track playlist for you guys. 

The title of it is Daydreaming (cause I daydream and think a lot these past few days + the title is inspired by one of my favorite Paramore songs in their new album.) This playlist contains some of my favorite songs from different artists/bands namely Birdy, Elle Graham, Long Story Short, Angus Stone, Avalanche City, Blind Pilot, Paper Lions, PARAMORE, FALL OUT BOY, TONIGHT ALIVE and A ROCKET TO THE MOON. For the 4 latter bands that i've put in all caps, I placed two of their songs each since im really kinda sad  really sad for missing out on their concerts this year (poor kid) and because I had other spending priorities (like my camera lens that I had to pay right away so that I could get it for only 6k rather than 20k+ thanks to my cousin, ya get me i hope). So yeah sadlyf but oh well moving on yeah enjoy my playlist and tell me watcha think, mmkay?

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  1. I can relate to the part about missing every concert I want to go to very much. :(

    1. lol yes it shatters my heart into very small atom-like bits </3 hehe