Monday, August 19, 2013

In The Mourning

24++ hours of continuous rain here in the Philippines so i'm reminding everyone to please always put your safety first.
Please extend your helping hand to the ones in need.

Classes got suspended today so I had the greatest plan yesterday night to experiment on my new SIGMA 100mm-300mm lens hehe yay. I got up early this morning to shoot these photos of our front yard plus the gloomy weather. Luckily, the photos turned out better than I thought they would plus I didn't have to go out into the rain since this telephoto lens can take photos of very distant subjects. Perfect for concerts agh ♥ (though dSLRs aren't allowed inside some of the concert grounds boo)

Ps. Classes for tomorrow also are suspended + Holiday the day after so no school
HAHA Have fun guys with your long weekend. Use your time wisely!!

Pps. Here's a video of Paramore's live performance of their song In The Mourning + Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. My two all time favorites mashed up--this is love.
If you want more of Paramore's performances.... HERE~YOU~GO~YOU~GUYS hehe 6 performances for you aha.

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