Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer 2013

3 months surely wasn't enough but it did help me to become an even better and brighter person.

For this summer, updating my Instagram (here) and Twitter (here) accounts (and of course this blog) was a daily/weekly routine for me. On my couch potato days, I just stared at my computer screen or iPad and browsed through the wonderful world that the internet has to offer. On the other hand, when I most likely wanted to save my gadgets' battery lives, I read a book (or head on to the kitchen and feast on everything OINK).

Every year, I consider my previous summer as the best summer of all time but I have to admit that this summer is really THE BEST. Reasons below.

New adopted beagle named Tara // The occassional volunteer days at Quezon for the Laguna Pitbulls // First domestic flight (heehoo) and first trip to Cebu // First time to do outfit posts // My lola's 93rd birthday and my other lola's 95th // Read 3 novels including The Great Gatsby) and tons of articles online // Photoshoot with friends // New adopoted dog, again // First time to use photoshop // Nerd glasses that i've always wanted (+ my vain self) // Great food and adventures

This summer, I also started with my reviews for the college entrance exams. Picking my courses would have to be the hardest part but it did help me to know myself even more and to also know my capacities.

I also got inclined more to the arts this summer. I mostly did crafty projects on my free time and photography and photo editing. I also met a lot of great people and i'm sure to meet more next year (cuz college hehe)

To put my summer vacation vibes into a close, my mom and I volunteered for CARA Welfare Philippines' booth at the Pet Expo. This expo will happen on June 15 and 16 at the SMX Convention Center beside the Mall of Asia. The funds that we'll be collecting will be for the animals that are well taken care of by the said organization (CARA--Care and Responsiblity for Animals). Drop by our  booth and check out the items you can take home with you! 
Hope to see you guys there! Please drop by and say hi☺ I'll be there on the 16th (sunday) from 1pm onwards

What did you guys do for the summer? Talk to me about it, comment below!
 Rainy season is coming so we must be all prepared! Drink your vitamins and wear clothes that are fit for the rainy season ☺ ALWAYS have your umbrella with you, you'll never know.

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