Friday, May 24, 2013

My childhood, old sport

The Skating Rink, My third home.
After how many years of being unable to skate, my dream came true.
Quick background story:
At the age of 6, I started doing skating lessons and I really got hooked. Skating made makes me happy. It became my favorite sport and because of my determination, perseverance and the support given by my family (especially my mom), I became the best that I could be.
What I got from skating:
No more asthma || Escalated until the freestyle level 5 || Took part in various competitions in and outside of the country which made me earn lots of medals, certificates and friends || Got to travel to Thailand, China and Malaysia || Ranked 4th in the Nationals || Performed for the Broadway on Ice

Here are some photos of me and my forever skating buddy + schoolmate, Giana

I got to finally use my new skates ♥

All photos were taken using Gia's iPhone
(and yes my title has something to do with The Great Gatsby)


  1. So jelly! Wish I knew how to skate. The first and probably the last time I went skating was back in high school!

    The Style Mermaid

    1. Hi Ate Kisty!! You are never too old (or youunggg ;) ) to achieve your dreams! Give it another try, don't be afraid! Every fall will make you into a better skater :)

  2. WOw! ever since i want to try it. :( envy you!


    1. Never be afraid to try and try until you succeed! :)