Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It feels like i've known you so much more

"You can give me a reason, but I already know"
(hoping to blog about them others too hohohohoho)

One day, I've decided to just randomly message this awesome girl that i've wanted to talk to for a little over a year and in just one day, we clicked and until now are inseperable. I've seen her around at school, and I was just too shy to talk to her until that moment.
At school, I've always been that girl who would just stand back, sit down, and enjoy the show while this girl would be dancing all over the stage with everyone watching her. She has "inspired" me to take chances and to think positive about things. She has also helped me with all of my problems, and i've also helped with hers. I always enjoy talking to her and i've always trusted her with all my heart.
I'm really thankful for having her as my friend. I would never trade her for anyone else, and i'm sure that all of her friends are thinking the same. I'm also thankful because now, I have a photoshoot buddy, no sleep buddy, foodtrip buddy and everything buddy. We like the same things and that makes us soul sisters and best friends.
Some of our similarities are our style in wearing clothes, photos, food, tv shows, reading and making bucket lists. We both put in our bucket list that one day, we would go to Australia (dreaming is free of charge, right? In fact, it might come true one day.) 
Anyway, to do an outfit shoot was always on my bucket list but i've never done it before since I have no one to do it with. Finally, I have now. We dared each other (cause she lives very far from where I am so we couldn't do it together) to have an outfit shoot for fun. And these photos stand as proof haha.

Here's her outift/selfie shotss haha
My very pretty soul sister, Samantha Nicole Peña ♥

We both have a fascination for overlays and we were both wondering on how people edited their photos with those overlays using picsart. Finally, while she was stalking someone on Tumblr (we love stalking people haha), she found out how and luckily taught me!!
Not a day goes by that this girl could not make me smile.☺
*~eww cheesy loljk~*
Hahahaha. Looking forward to making a lot of memories with this girl. Wuvyu soul sistaah!


↓ MINE ↓
Purple Tank Top: Vern and Verniece Enciso (Bloggers United)
 Jacket: Forever 21
Sneakers: Vans; 
Heart Necklace and shorts are thrifted
↓ SAM'S↓
 Top and shorts from Bangkok
Flower crown from the cultural show held at school

*~My photos were taken using a Canon EOS 1100D~*
*~Sam's photos were taken using an iTouch~*

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  1. Cute photos! I really like the blue jacket with the triangles on it!

  2. First time to visit your blog. Love the blue shoes :)