Saturday, May 11, 2013

Basically, summer

me, my wet hair, and my oh so pink laptop during a hot summer day

Okay so moving on, these past 2 days, besides doing my daily chores, i've been supremely laid back. I just stayed at home (excluding tonight), went online, watched movies (Lymelife, Song of the South, It's kind of a Funny Story, Celeste and Jesse Forever), ate lots and lots and lots of food... you get the picture. Whenever I got bored of these usual stuff that I do, I try to keep myself busy instead of just thinking or sleeping because I tend to overdo both.
(is overdo even a word? haha)

I finally had the time to put together my charm bracelet that I bought online from a store on with my friend Kat. We bought each and every piece separately and we got to choose which charms we'd want to place. I picked those charms to show (or wear) the things that I love like photography, travelling, using my computer (because of my new love, blogging), lucky charms and animals (the 5th charm from the left is actually a bird's beak but it's not really noticeable.) "I am wearing my heart on my sleeve", cliche, but I literally am wearing two hearts on my sleeve/wrist idk don't judge.
Next thing I did was my nails. It's been very long since I last painted them with different patterns and stuff. Say hello to my (described by my friend, but I didn't do it on purpose) Iron Man nails.

 and my poker face meh
May 9, 2013 is dead and gone so Mr. Sun decided to move on. IT RAINED. HARD. AND I DIDN'T LIKE THE RAIN. I really didn't.
Mr. Gloomy Rain exclaimed to Mr. Golden Sun, "Look at those poor people! They're too tired of the heat you've been giving them! You've had enough fun! Now, it's my turn."
Mr. Gloomy Rain, angry and frustrated, uninvitedly rushed into our lives at that moment. We didn't give him a warm welcome, and he didn't care. He just laughed it off and gave us what he thought we wanted.
Of course that's not (actually) true, but I guess you have to atleast add fictional scenarios once in a while to brighten up your day, right?

oh yeah look what happened to my phone. if you wanna know what happened, just ask (comment below). now onto the next.

Eventhough it rained, it was still hot and despite the weather I decided to wear a sweater cause I knew that  one way or another, it would rain and we would be wet (cause we walked and rode a trike to and from the grocery.) Better safe than sorry.
And yes I took pictures of myself. Say hello to my new hobby, outfit shoots.
I tried to use the 2sec timer and TRIED to make it so sorry. I TRIED.

Haha. This was after walking under the rain and the dark gray sky. Sharing the happiness I guess.
 It wasn't just me who got a photoshoot. My new favorite subject: Tara

Summer's about to end, but I won't feel the school vibes until before/after my college review, and I do hope that they would start real soon. Til next!

Sweater and shorts are thrifted
ARTTM baller (not shown above) from Splatt MNL
Ed Sheeran baller from Ed's merch c/o my bestfriend Gia ☺
*~photos were taken using a Canon EOS 1100D~*


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